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Symptoms of electrolyte imbalance Keto

In this article I’ll uncover the signs symptoms and causes of electrolyte imbalances when you on keto diet.

In this article I’ll uncover the signs symptoms and causes of electrolyte imbalances when you on keto diet. This is an important because a simple electrolyte imbalance or deficiency can make you feel like absolute garbage.

Let’s dive in now the electrolytes that we’re talking about are these different minerals it’s sodium potassium chloride calcium magnesium in phosphate we need these in our body for proper bodily function.

Here’s some of the functions that they play a role in nervous system function muscular function pH balance proper hydration which is very important and also supporting healthy cellular physiology pertaining to the fluid inside and outside of the cell.

When you o keto diet and don’t eat enoug salt you have an imbalance or deficiency and lots of nasty symptoms start to pop up.


  1. Muscle fatigue
  2. Muscular cramping
  3. Frequent trist
  4. Frequent urinarion
  5. Fast or irregular heartbeat
  6. Mental confusion
  7. Headaches
  8. Craving salt
  9. Shallow breathing
  10. Bowel irregularity
  11. Swelling in ankles and wrist
  12. Numbness & tingling

Muscle fatigue you also have poor muscular endurance. So, you’re just you know that you not having much strength well an electrolyte imbalance in keto is one of the reasons why muscular cramping.

Muscle cramps You start to get a lot of different spasms and muscle cramps a lot of times. They start in the small muscle groups the hands the feet around the mouth around the eyes but then they can go into the big muscle group. So, anyway you want to make sure that you have proper electrolytes because this is really frustrating especially if you’re an athlete and you on keto diet.

Frequent thirst is another big one here, so this is where you feel
like you just want to drink more and more water but yet you’ve been drinking enough water but yet you still feel thirsty. So you just can’t quench that thirst and so typically that’s an electrolyte imbalance.

Frequent urination as a result of this problem of course but also you just because you’re dumping those electrolytes you tend to have to run to the bathroom more often. Some people who are healthy individuals but are up running to the bathroom all night.

Fast or irregular heartbeat. This is another issue where you’re having these heart palpitations and you don’t know why it’s kind of a scary symptom. Especially when you’re not able to figure out what’s going on there.

So, once again the electrolyte issue mental confusion headaches craving salt shallow breathing.

This is where you just feel like you can’t get a good breath of fresh air in and it’s kind of an interesting symptom and something that scares a lot of people who on ketogenic diet.

But the shallow breathing can be a result of how these electrolytes function in your body.

Bowel irregularity If you’re going into like almost IBS symptoms where you are going into having multiple bowel movements to constipation kind of bouncing back and forth electrolytes can be your issue there.

The next thing here is swelling in the ankles and wrists and then numbness. These symptoms almost always occur in a state of ketosis.

Therefore, it is important to use supplements to avoid some of the symptoms of electrolyte imbalance during the keto diet. One of the best supplements is KETO ADVANCED®.

Read more about this pills you can in your the article Keto Advanced Weight Loss Pills.


2 reviews on “Symptoms of electrolyte imbalance Keto”

I think I had some keto flu symptoms because I felt really tired a little bit nauseated and I had a headache for most of the day. I tried to increase my salt intake and I used the extend branch chain amino acids because it has magnesium and electrolytes because I do not have any bouillon cubes. I have better than bullion but that has a whole bunch of carbs in it so I couldn’t use that so I actually need to go get some bouillon cubes just in case. I hope this symptoms disappear soon!

When I first started keto I was struggling to lose weight I was eating too much protein. I wasn’t really paying attention to the facts I was eating lots of mayonnaise lots of cheese there’s only when I switched over to her way of thinking when I kept my protein lower and really increased my fats and that’s when I started to see progress. In fact I was able to lose the majority of my weight in the shortest amount of time doing this way of eating in fact I’ve now hit my goal weight! I was able to achieve such results, including thanks to keto advanced supplements.

Also I had some electrolyte imbalance. I was eating a lot more sodium with the amount meet I was happening than I normally would. So I think this might have thrown my potassium out of balance. I woke up those mornings feeling pretty terrible feeling pretty bloated and with a bit of inflammation as by day three once I’d had some extra potassium and magnesium the night before that actually things started to work out.

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