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When we look at people who are burning fat for energy it’s a much cleaner energy. I mean think of just kids for instance  they run around all day non-stop. I mean literally run everywhere they go and they constantly have energy.

Keto Basic Understanding

The ketogenic diet an incredibly powerful diet that has created more confusion than any other diet before. So many people want to follow the ketogenic diet but they have the incorrect information and then of course they don’t truly understand it.

  • What is the ketogenic diet?
  • What are you supposed to eat on the ketogenic diet?
  • What are your macros look like?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Who should do the ketogenic diet?

These are all questions that we’re going to answer in today’s article as we cover everything you need to know about
the keto diet. So stick around to the end because this is gonna be loaded with a ton of great information that they’re
gonna help you find success when following the ketogenic diet.

First of all your body can use two sources of energy it’s going to be able to use fat for energy or it’s going to be able to use sugar for energy.

When we’re following the ketogenic diet we’re leaning towards fat for energy. When we look at most people they’re using sugar for energy.

Ketosis is a metabolic state of burning fat for energy as opposed to sugar.

Like I said many people who are out there just living daily life are most likely burning sugar for energy. There’s a lot of ways to get into ketosis but specifically we’re going to talk about the ketogenic
diet today.

Most people are locked into sugar burners as I mentioned. This is a big problem it’s causing so many diseases out there today inflammatory conditions, autoimmune conditions. All these people are locked in as sugar burners in it promote fat gain while preventing the possibility of even burning any fat off.

So if you are a sugar burner you’re going to be promoting building fat on your body if you are someone who is in the state of  ketosis you will promote burning fat off.

Your body now one of the primary strategies for getting your body into the state of nutritional ketosis is by implementing the ketogenic lifestyle like. You know you can get into the state of ketosis fasting you can get into the state of ketosis through exercise and you can also get into the state of ketosis through following the ketogenic lifestyle which we are talking about here in this article.

Nutritional Ketosis

The metabolic state of burning ketones is the body’s energy source. Our body has two energy systems we can burn sugar for energy or we can burn fat for energy.

When we are following the ketogenic diet and going into the state of ketosis we are burning ketones we burning fat for energy and is a very good quality energy source for our body.

When we look at all these people out there who are burning sugar for energy it comes with a lot of problems it comes with a lot of crashes, it comes with a lot of fatigue issues, mood swings.

When we look at people who are burning fat for energy it’s a much cleaner energy. I mean think of just kids for instance  they run around all day non-stop. I mean literally run everywhere they go and they constantly have energy.

Looking at most adults today they’re just pouring on coffee I mean energy drinks are so popular right now and they’re loaded with affeine and they’re putting on all these different caffeinated beverages in order to just make it through the day.

What we want to do is create a state in our body in a system in which our physiology can operate at that actually creates a good clean energy day in and day out hour after hour for our body.

Also for our brain function because we want to make sure we’re working to improve cognitive function. Most people they’re crashing brain turns off they’re checked out so we want to make sure we utilize nutritional ketosis.

Other thing I want to mention here is that when we look at nutritional ketosis we don’t want to confuses with diabetic ketoacidosis that’s a totally different thing it’s unhealthy.

If you have that going on you need to talk to your doctor. When you’re talking about nutritional ketosis which is very healthy.

How Ketosis Works

We’re gonna kind of just break it down traditional diet and also the keto diet what is happening physiologically.

Traditional Diet

In a traditional diet were eating a lot of sugar a lot of carbohydrates none of that’s monitored. That diet is high in carbs right sugary beverages lots of bread sandwiches pancakes waffles that kind of thing. The pancreas secrete insulin in order to deal with all that blood sugar.

You consume those sugary foods those carbs your pancreas secretes a insulin. Insulin shuttles glucose into the cell and you have energy. This is traditional diet this is how your body’s operating physiologically.

This is why you may be getting hungry you start to find yourself fatigue after meals. It’s that sort of thing that’s happening in this traditional diet.

Keto Diet

In keto diet glucose level falls lipase releases store of triglycerides you start breaking down fat for energy and you can get those ketones. Fatty acids travel to the liver the liver produces ketone results high energy levels, this is the clean source of energy.

This is a better source of energy and doesn’t have crashes this one’s healthy for the brain. In addition this source energy healthy for the body it’s anti-inflammatory and really powerful.

Who Benefits From Keto?

When we watch a lot of these people online on the internet we read these articles basically a lot of these keto gurus out there they basically tell everybody to do the ketogenic diet. They say:

You know this is the best diet everybody should be doing it

But I don’t believe that everybody has to do the ketogenic diet to be healthy. There are some very specific conditions some very specific problems that you may be facing that basically indicate that the ketogenic diet would be incredibly beneficial for you.


Talk about a few of them so obesity is one of them. Huge percentage of people who are obese. The thing is about obesity is that when you follow the ketogenic diet burning fat for energy you will just start eating that fat off your body basically and utilizing it as energy and it’s incredibly beneficial. Obesity is a great way to utilize the ketogenic diet.

Weight loss resistance

There’s so many people who tried to lose they start doing calorie restriction they start doing all these things eating healthy but the weight won’t come off.

That’s called weight loss resistance like despite the effort the weight won’t fall off. What we do is we utilize the ketogenic diet in this case it helps balance hormones out reset the metabolism do some really good things for the body in order to actually start losing that weight.

Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet

It’s going to help with weight loss helps with mood stabilization Because these people who are sugar burners it there’s a lot of highs and lows. You know you eat you’re on that high and all of a sudden BAM crash and you’re on a low again. It affects the mood these people are angry they’re happy they’re all over the place.

Mood stabilization is one of the benefits supports your gut health it’s going to support diversity in the microbiome so in the bacteria in the gut.

Also is going to help decrease inflammation so supports good health regulates inflammation slows down the aging process.

If you want to look like the oldest person on the planet if you want to age faster than any of your friends keep eating lots of sugar. Keep putting that sugar right into your coffee put it in your drinks.

I mean the sugar ages you so fast and so we want to make sure that if we want to slow down the aging process utilize a ketogenic diet blood sugar regulation neuroprotective benefits right all these neurological conditions.

Also supports memory and cognitive improvement. Lot of people followed the ketogenic diet and then they went off and then they realized that the memory is not as sharp as before.

How To Begin Nutritional Ketosis

Talk a little bit about the macros how you’re going to break down your fats your carbs your proteins.

You need lower your carbohydrate intake down below 50 grams of net carbs. But you’re going to go and only utilize 50 grams of less of carbohydrates. Most of these carbs are going to be coming from your vegetables.

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When we look at 50 grams this is where you start. If you’re at 50 grams and let’s say you have some different metabolic stuff going on. Maybe you have some insulin resistance and you just can’t get into nutritional ketosis with 50 grams drop it down 10.

See if you can get in with 40 grams drop it down another 10 if you’re still not getting in. You may need to drop it all the way down to 20 grams of net carbs in order to get to nutritional ketosis.

As you start to develop more metabolic flexibility you can increase it from there. You can go up to like 50 grams again typically. So it’s one of those things where you have to play with it a little bit. But as a rule of thumb start at 50 grams of net carbs and then from there drop it down to 20.

Use dietary app

Also you can use dietary app to manage your carbs just a chronometer and there’s also the carb manager. There are many good dietary app on the internet choose one an use it.

In the beginning when you start the ketogenic diet app is one of those things it’s big confusing you’re like these different macros. I’m having a hard time tracking everything put it all into the app utilise this app. Than it’ll tell you: “Hey you need more fats”, “Hey too many carbs”.

If you’re tracking it you’re gonna be all set use these apps as your friend especially in the beginning. Once you actually do the ketogenic diet for a while you’ll be able to just look at your food and you’ll be able to understand what too much of this or too little of that.

Net carbs

Net carbs =  your carbohydrates – your dietary fiber

The apps will calculate that out automatically so that’s one of the benefits of using a good app. You don’t want to confuse the regular carb count with the net carbs because it’s gonna mess us up if you do that.

Begin to eat healthy fats

Here some healthy fats:

  • Avocados
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Raw nuts and seeds

Those types of fats should be taken in it over 60% of your caloric intake. You must dropping those carbs down to about 50 grams or less.

When we start implementing these fats just make sure that you’re having fats on your plate with every meal.

What About The Protein?

To get the true number that you need for protein what you want to do is you want to look at 50% of your lean body mass. If you are a hundred and fifty pounds and let’s say you go well. You lost 10 pounds then that would be your lean body mass.


If you 150 pounds and you need to take ten off to get to your lean body mass that’s 140 pounds. Then you need around 70 grams of protein.

For example a woman who has 100 pounds of lean body mass would set their protein intake at 50 to 55 grams.

Here’s one thing that we have to take into consideration here. If you’re a very active person you’ll want to increase that to 75% of your lean body mass.

If you’re a weightlifter if you’re an athlete if you work a job where you’re doing construction or you’re very active you’re gonna want to increase that a bit.

I can tell you from personal experience one of the troubles I had with the ketogenic diet is I kept just becoming far too lean.

We want to make sure that if you are weightlifting and exercising like I was you’re actually going and increasing that protein intake to around 75% of your lean body mass.

You must be careful that you don’t start shrinking down losing a ton of muscle mass. We see it all the time. We see these internet gurus who start doing the ketogenic diet and maybe they started with a lot of muscle mass maybe they started they were overweight.

But then as time goes on they start to shrink. Even the people who didn’t really need the shrink like they.We want to make sure that you’re increasing that protein intake to the appropriate number.

Are You In The State Of Nutritional Ketosis?

This is a good question a lot of people are going well they asking:

Okay I started following the ketogenic diet and how do I know when I’m in the ketosis?

This is important because I see people mess this up all the time. I’ll have my patients come in and they’ll say:

Well yeah I’m following the ketogenic diet and in some cases are actually starting to gain weight.

This is very dangerous because if you’re improperly following the ketogenic diet and you’re not in the state of ketosis but you’re eating a lot of keto foods. The thing is about fats is they’re very high in calories and there’s a high caloric density there.

If you are kind of following the ketogenic diet but not in the state of ketosis it’s going to potentially cause you to gain weight.

We want to make sure that if we’re following the ketogenic diet we’re getting into ketosis otherwise it’s not gonna work out.

How do you know?

You’re gonna have less hunger less cravings. That’s one of the big things that starts to pop up people just notice that like between meals they’re set  they don’t have all these cravings or they don’t crave sugar after a meal they’re not getting that carb cravings throughout the day.

Less hunger less cravings

Increased energy this is also another thing they’re not crashing. They’re not having that mental fatigue that are having that physical fatigue mid-afternoon more mental clarity.

In order to be a hundred percent sure that you are in the state of ketosis were the things you want to do is you want to measure your blood ketones.

You can use a ketone reader what you want to do is be between point zero five and three million moles and this is basically going to tell you.

I use device called a precision extra meter and you take a little sample of blood as a result it tells you what kind of ketone contents are in your bloodstream.

From there you’ll have a really accurate reading.

A Day Of Keto Meals

Breakfast Let’s say you wake up first thing in the morning you’re going to have breakfast. When you have your breakfast you have creamy chocolate avocado smoothie it’s a great way to start it off.

Here’s the deal when you look at the ketogenic diet many people are following intermittent fasting so they are not having breakfast. If you are someone in the beginning it’s might it may be a good idea to have breakfast because you’re coming of maybe a three meal day or maybe even a six meal day.

Then you’re going into ketosis where you typically going to cut your meals down to maybe two or sometimes even one. So if you are having breakfast especially in the beginning this is a great breakfast.

Lunch is going to look something like this: grilled fish with cucumbers feta tomatoes and olives. Throwing in lots of good fatty fish you can even use some things like sardines salmon all these good fatty fish are really excellent along the ketogenic diet.

Dinner roasted chicken with roasted cauliflower putting in some olive oil also you can drizzle olive oil on it make sure you’re getting those good fats in.

In the beginning you’re going to probably start with three meals a day. But then you’ll probably add an intermittent fasting. That you could stay in ketosis get better results and also make sure that you know doing the best you can with your weight loss goals and reversing your conditions intermittent fasting and keto are really powerful together.

Keto Beginner’s Grocery List

Because we want to set you up so that you really know what to go to the store with and grab what you can actually do is probably just grab a screenshot of this right here. But it looks something like

  • lots of cream cheese
  • butter
  • heavy whipping cream

These are a lot of the ingredients that you’re going to find when you start the ketogenic diet you’re gonna see these show up again and again.

  • cheese eggs
  • bacon
  • sweeteners

When we talk about sweeteners we’re looking for things like urethral tall we’re looking for things like stevia these are good sweeteners to use well on the keto.

  • salmon
  • chicken
  • beef

We want to make sure that we’re getting good sources of meat we want to make sure that we’re not getting like farm-raised fish. We also want to get like grass-fed beef.

That kind of thing as:

  • coconut flour
  • almond flour

You can make some different breads.

  • avocado
  • spinach
  • cauliflower

Is a huge thing on the ketogenic diet I mean people get really fancy you’re looking at cauliflower fried rice mashed cauliflower.

  • asparagus
  • sea salt
  • no salt

No salt is important because it’s basically potassium. It is it tastes a lot like salt but it’s going to just be a big dose of potassium which you need on the ketogenic diet. Also let’s talk about:

  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • macadamia nuts

are a really great snack while on the ketogenic diet.

Keto Flu

Here’s the thing that you need to know too is that when you get into the state of ketosis. When you’re just starting this diet one of the things that will happen is you will develop something called the keto flu.

There’s a couple things that we utilize in order to help kind of ward off that keto flu or you’re feeling drowsy feeling just terrible for you typically a one to two week process you just don’t feel as well.

When you are going through that keto flu and it’s not that the keto flu is going to last one to two weeks it can flare up and that one the two week process. When you’re going through that adding in electrolytes it’s going to be really powerful. As you know the sea salt the no salt that’s going to be really powerful in order to keep off the keto flu.

Other thing that you can do is you can use like an KETO ADVANCED®. I talked about that quite a bit there’s lots of studies that show that people who use KETO ADVANCED we’re able to get into ketosis faster and also maintain ketosis better.

That KETO ADVANCED® really great and so utilizing some of these different strategies in order to actually go through that transition phase from a sugar burner to a fat burner is really powerful. It’s going to help you not only feel better but it also will go in and just make the transition much shorter.

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Hi Melanie, around 40 grams of sugar contained in one apple. This is enough sugar to completely stop fat burning for at least one to two days. So until you are at your ideal weight I don’t recommend anymore consuming any apples.

Hi Krista, thank you for your question. Slow carbs is carbs that don’t spike your blood sugar and these are fruits and vegetables and nuts, even nuts and seeds contain carbs. These carbs are very low glycemic they don’t spike insulin, they don’t spike blood sugar which is the key.

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